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Rubyroid Labs was founded in 2013 by two passionate Ruby developers.

We’ve built Ruby on Rails software for enterprises such as Mastercard, Volvo, and Toyota. We’ve also partnered with 30 startups backed by Y CombinatorSeedcamp, and Capital Innovators accelerators.

With a team of 50 full-stack developers we’ve:

  • built custom web and mobile apps
  • successfully launched new startups
  • boosted businesses with top-quality engineers
  • rebuilt and supported complex systems
  • improved code quality

Our development team is office-based and includes developers, testers, designers, business analysts, and project managers.

On average, our engineers have over four years of professional experience. Part of our team teaches Ruby on Rails and business analysis courses.


Key clients:  

Big Purple Dot – real estate CRM system, USA. Volition Beauty – kickstarter-like beauty platform, USA. Volvo – a mobile app for car washing, UK. Rocketwash – automation system for car wash business, Russia. Sail Croatia – a travel CRM system, UK. Letknow – trading & exchange platforms, Estonia. Digital marketing agency, USA. Architecture and interior design software company, USA.

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