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CSHARK – Custom Software Development | Product Design | IT outsourcing

We are flesh and blood and a bit of humor in a technology world. What we love the most is working on software projects with passionate people who like to get things done, as we do. Believing in transparent communication, we provide bad news early (and good news even earlier!).


We are a software development and product design company founded in 2014, and operating in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Singapore, and Poland.


Simply put, we develop web and mobile apps from scratch to launch, and we advise companies to find the right technology solutions and build digital products people love.

We have been recognized for dynamic growth by:

  • The Financial Times (FT 1000 Europe’s Fastest-Growing Companies 2020, 2021, 2022),

  • Forbes (Forbes Diamonds 2021).


Business problems first, then we choose the most suitable tech solution. Our leading, reliable and universal technology is .NET and .NET Core, but we also develop in Golang, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, AngularJS, ReactJS, and mobile languages for Android and iOS.

We have grown up on FinTech projects ​like ​an Irish ​unicorn ​Fenergo. Still, now, with over 300 people onboard, we are delivering projects for various industries related to biotech, music, energy, and IoT sectors.




Casually we work in two different ways:

  • if you are at the beginning of the product development process, have just an idea on a napkin, and you need guidance through the whole product design and software development process, we’ll take you to our MVP development track: cshark.com/mvp-development/

  • if you already have a team, and you need to expand it with additional developers, we’ll take you to our IT outsourcing track, in which we put our experienced people at your disposal.

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Key clients:

Fenergo (Fintech), REGENHU (Biotech), VecCtor (Digital infrastructure for Industry 4.0), HTP J-1 Visa Programs, Nudge (Oil & Energy), Meta Bytes (Technology), Pixel Guru (IT), Omega Lambda (Science Solutions), Mindset Innovation, Inc. (Consumer Electronics)

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