At Dotlogics, we do things differently (and by different, we mean “better”). We could jaw on about our accolades, but those are a matter of public record by now. Moreover, we believe we’re only as good as our most recent work, so we put everything we have into every project, whether that’s for an enterprise company or for a start-up.

Axing jargon and buzzwords in favor of real, human language, we know that communication is the true ‘secret sauce’. Our clients remain actively engaged with our process, because the more feedback we receive during a project, the stronger our end result will be.

You won’t find pushy, hard-sell tactics here — we don’t need them. We’re growth-driven and platform-agnostic, so we’re not married to the latest, greatest (and most expensive) solutions or platforms; instead, we take extra care to recommend only the technologies that will generate more traffic and increase your sales, without adding confusion or extra steps to your process.

Web design is far from the only area where we excel; we apply our results-driven, data-focused, personalized technique to projects needing eCommerce help, SEO optimization, ERP, CRM and backend solutions, and way more. Call us; we can do what you need.

Key clients:

McDonald’s, Brown University, Unilever, Data Device Corporation, Broadway Basketeers, Reiss Hardware, ShopWorn, Under The Weather Pod.

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