Kultprosvet is a reliable team of dedicated experts, ready to develop and support medium-sized and highly-loaded web & mobile projects.

Web team

Our team delivers and maintains complex projects running PHP/Laravel or Node.js on the back-end. Our front-end developers have a vast experience in Vue.js, React and Angular.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and DigitalOcean – thanks to our clients who always challenge us, we have an advanced knowledge of managing cloud hosting solutions.

WordPress and Shopify – we have been working with lots of different content management systems. Today we keep developing beautiful websites and e-commerce platforms running on WP and Shopify.

Mobile team
We develop Native Android and iOS mobile apps using Java, Kotlin, Objective C, and Swift. Due to the high demand on cross-platform solutions during the last few years React Native has taken an important place by generating around 60% load for our mobile apps development team.


We have a small squad of 3 smart individuals which cultivate rationality and taste in terms of user interfaces design, surprising us with each new project we work on.

Get in touch with us, feel free to suggest the time convenient for an intro call – [email protected]


Key clients:

Oko, WaysGo, GamersPoint

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