A Shopify development company with a focus on high-level technical solutions and complex Shopify Plus stores.

We have worked with Shopify since 2011:

  • Within our Product Department, we’ve built 39 eCommerce in-house apps, most of which are in high demand on Shopify.

  • We’ve built 50+ Shopify Plus projects and have our own Outsource Department.

  • The same professionals who developed our apps work on our clients’ projects.

  • In SpurIT, there is a dedicated Web Accessibility Department with certified team members responsible for each stage of accessibility implementation, from development to design and content.

We take Shopify to its limits, and our in-depth technical knowledge of the platform empowers us to solve business challenges of any level.

Key clients:

MadamGlam, DeckOfScarlett, TeddyBlake, IrresistibleMe, NewAge and other businesses around the world

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