Unity handcrafted by extensive expertise is what Avenga boils down to. We are a merger of 4 IT powerhouses from Ukraine, Germany, Poland, and Malaysia, created to deliver ultimate partner care when it comes to custom software development. More than 100 years of cumulative experience in delivering value for Pharma & Life Sciences, Insurance, Financial, and Automotive industries.

Standing at the forefront of digital innovation for product, service, tech, and software development companies, we helped such industry giants as Credit Suisse, GSK, Mazda, Allianz, SwissLife, Olo, Postbank, and Trov, expand their boundaries. Our approach differs: we don’t build for the sake of building; every step we take stems from our partners’ business goals and needs.

Custom software development and design, product management, technology consulting and advisory expertise, atop of turn-key digital transformation services, are where our 3,000+ experts feel even more than comfortable. Harnessing the power of a visionary understanding of today’s industries, we let businesses outpace their development plan and redefine what success is.

With quality leading the importance charts, our velocity is second to none. 10+ delivery centers in Ukraine, Poland, Germany, and Malaysia, and a dedicated design studio in Berlin, we streamline products to markets, making things work when nobody expects them to.

Key clients:

Roche, GSK, Credit Suisse, Trov, QPharma, Postbank, ABB, Allianz, SwissLife, Mazda, Volvo

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